The Facebook Ads Method

How to Create Predictable and Scalable Income Without Having to Hustle Harder


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Important Question for Digital Product Creators Who Still Haven’t Found a $$$ Making, Time Saving System Using Facebook Ads… 

If there was a way to consistently attract qualified leads and dream clients while simultaneously creating predictable and scalable income without having to hustle harder… 

Would you finally feel confident using smart and simple Facebook ad strategies to grow your email list, sell out your programs, and make way more sales no matter your industry? 

Why Harnessing the Profit Potential of Facebook Ads Is CRITICAL If You Want to Hop Off the Revenue Rollercoaster and Consistently Grow Your Business

You started your business because you believed. In yourself. In your mission. In your ability to change lives. 

You started down this path because on the outside it sounds like a fairy tale. 

Being able to do work you love, on your own terms, from wherever you want, with no glass ceiling when it comes to your income or impact. It all sounds like a dream come true… I mean seriously, why doesn’t everybody do this? 

Because the path to the freedom lifestyle is paved in silly putty and distractions. 

There are obstacles at every turn, a myriad of traps that can easily keep you stuck, and growth gremlins at every mile marker. 

But despite the struggles, every cell in your body still desperately wants and works toward bringing the fairy tale to life. 

You’re working hard (likely, harder than you ever have) to create an online business with digital products that allow for unlimited digits in your bank account, flexibility, freedom, purpose, and all that stuff that most people think is “too good to be true” ⇐ but to be totally frank, you’re stuck in Prince Charming mode…

And let’s be real, waiting for the carriage to show up and take you to the dream castle isn’t working. 

Why? Because you need to create your own carriage. 

Prince Charming is flaky. The only person who can sweep your business off its feet is YOU. 

But pouring your energy into something and not seeing a return on your investment has left you depleted and desperately searching for a way to consistently grow without putting in more hours — glass slipper syndrome much?

I know how you feel because I’ve been there. After slaying many a dragon, I discovered that the fairy tale is real, and there’s a secret passageway that can get you there faster than you ever thought possible. 

Do you know without a doubt… 

That your digital products and courses need a foolproof system to consistently generate new leads and sales in order to truly thrive? 

(Without you sitting hunched over your laptop for longer hours — cause sciatica sucks and you’ve actually got a life!)


Cause what I’m about to tell you could turn into a pivotal business shifting moment a few weeks from now when you open your email marketing software to see hundreds of new leads, a calendar full of new consults, more sales, and of course, that sweet sweet feeling of knowing you’re reaching the people who need the solutions you offer. 

But before I turn a frog into a prince, let me ask you… 

It’s time to create a system for threefold freedom: 





Let’s pretend your business is a car. ⇐ You’re a modern day Henry-etta Ford, with way better style. 

You’ve built your car from top to bottom. You know it works. The only problem? You can’t find the fuel to make it really move. 

Momentum is not a word in your dictionary. You scroll through Facebook and see everybody else’s hyper engaged ads and you know those business owners are making major bank…  

But when you’ve tried to do the same? No dice. 

And it’s not like you’re walking into this whole online business thing blindfolded, nuh uh. 

You’ve done the work…  

You’ve taken all the courses. 

You’ve watched every bleeping free webinar there is on how to take your online business to the next level. 

You’ve hired coaches and invested in all the things you’re supposed to. 

So what’s the deal? 


Oh I hear you my friend, loud and clear… 

You’re a dreamer but you’re also a doer— and that’s why despite all the action you’ve taken, you’re so dang disappointed that after weeks, months, maybe years of trying, you still haven’t cracked the code. 

But that everlasting faith that’s inspired you to this point is starting to fade. 

The worst part is from the very beginning, you’ve believed in your ability to create a thriving online business, powerful digital courses, and a freedom lifestyle. 

You told yourself that if you put in the work, it would only be a matter of time until you start making seriously scalable income doing what you love. You believed wholeheartedly that a happy ending could be yours. 

And your faith motivated you to keep pushing, to spend more hours parked in front of your computer screen researching, writing, filming, reading, and listening to all the gurus. 

Faith has been your fuel, but how much longer can you believe in a reality you’ve yet to see come to be? 

TRUTH BOMB: You can have the enviable fairy tale business that allows for a life of flexibility, fun, and purpose without being chained to your laptop and forced to read every ultimate guide to getting more leads and sales ever created. 

You’ve done your research, tested, and validated an incredible offer that changes lives. You’re poured your heart and soul into it. 

You deserve to sit down at your desk with a cup of mint tea and open up your laptop with a feeling of total excitement and endless gratitude. 

You can finally have the freedom based lifestyle you started an online business to create. 

There are no limits when it comes to your ability to create impact AND income. 

And it’s not just the moola brimming bank account that excites you to no end…

As an action taker that’s made it this far, you’re darn right it’s time you found a sustainable fuel source to take your online business from 0 to 150 mph

What you’re really aching for is more time… 

Time with your family sans distraction

Time to create new offerings and work ON your biz instead of just IN it

Time to explore the world, enrich your life, build your skills and create some space to actually RELAX and do more of what makes you come alive. 

Time is freedom, and you can create a business that allows for plenty of it without sacrificing results when you understand how to create a Facebook Ad System to generate consistent leads and sales on autopilot. 

Creating scalable, sustainable income online doesn’t have to be complicated. 

And you know what that means…  

It means that you get to sit in the driver’s seat and create limitless leverage enabling you to change more lives and create your own happy ending (you deserve it, boo).

You have absolutely everything you need to generate more leads and sales starting right now… 

There’s no reason why you can’t. In a moment, I’m going to show you exactly how to make all of the above come to life.

Now I know what you might be thinking…
(I borrowed Maleficent's magic mirror)

I’m about to debunk the 5 BIG limiting beliefs that countless online entrepreneurs fall victim to when it comes to Facebook ads

“I’ve tried Facebooks ads before and failed miserably, so why would it be different this time?” 

*sad face*

I feel your pain, trust me, I’ve had my fair share of #FBfails too. It super sucks when you invest your time and energy into doing something only to not succeed like you expected. 

And with Facebook ads, it’s a little extra disappointing, because you didn’t just invest time or energy, you also invested your hard earned cash. To see it get flushed down la toilette so easily is a heart sinking experience. One that I never want you to have to experience again. 

There’s a lot of advice out there when it comes to Facebook ads. I mean look at this…

1,510,000,000 Google results! YIKES. Who do you listen to? Where do you start?

The thing is, most of those results only give you a small piece of the Facebook ad success system puzzle. 

They’re not giving you a step-by-step simple methodology that’s proven to work. 

They’re definitely not vested in your ability to achieve amazing ROI and consistent results with total ease. 

Here’s the thing: Facebook ads shouldn’t be approached like some Friday night guessing game. 

Even though the potential upside could literally transform your business, there’s also a risk involved. You’re investing money, and you want to maximize your path to making it back plus some. 

When you approach Facebook ads using a proven, step-by-step methodology, you’ll never flush your time, money, and energy down the FB toilette ever again. You can confidently launch new lead magnets and offers without second guessing yourself. 

And that my friend, is where all the magic happens…

“I’m not tech savvy, like, at all.” 

I’m willing to bet you’re more tech savvy than you think. But I get it, on the outside, Facebook ads seem like a daunting tech hurdle that only the nerdiest of coding aficionados can conquer. 

If you’ve ever opened up the Facebook ads dashboard and felt like you were suddenly reading a Portuguese math textbook, you’re not alone… 

It’s natural to run at the first sight of the unknown (especially when it involves numbers and language that makes zero sense). 

But if you can use regular Facebook — If you can click, copy, paste, type, and follow instructions, then I pinky promise you can figure out how to set up, track, and measure your FB ad campaigns. 

With the right teacher showing you step-by-step every little thing you need to do in the back end to get stellar results on the front end, you’ll be setting up profitable ad campaigns faster than you can say KACHING! 

The best part is, once you’ve got a few practice rounds under your belt, the entire system is replicable and built for efficiency (so no, you don’t have to work longer hours in order to maximize your results). 

“I can barely afford to keep my business afloat let alone run ads.” 

Okay so this is a problem that so many digital product creators run into when they don’t have a stable source of leads and sales. 

It’s like owning the car and paying insurance when you can’t even drive it anywhere. It makes zero sense and it’s totally frustrating. So why even bother trying something new when you run the risk of losing even more money? 

Because what you need is *really* simple (almost too simple)... 


That’s it. And you need a system to drive those 2 things. Once you have that, everything else can finally fall into place. 

• Traditional marketing aka. spending thousands for radio, newspaper, and magazine ads that are impossible to measure. 

• Organic marketing aka. sitting on your hands and hoping that you’ll get enough word of mouth referrals and Google results to drive growth in your biz.  

• Digital marketing with cost-effective Facebook ad strategies proven to create ROI even when spending as little as $5 a day. 

Your options for generating leads and sales are…  

I think you know which of those options makes the most sense, so while I don’t recommend going into debt to run Facebook ads, I do recommend finding ways to cut back on business investments that aren’t making a real impact so you can focus on the things that WILL. 

Because nothing will work until you’ve got a solid, dependable system driving leads and sales. 

“Before I run Facebook ads I need to hire a business coach, perfect my branding and website design, get professional photos, and on and on…” 

You know I love me some beautiful branding and investing in your business is obviously completely worthwhile. BUT (yes, that’s a big but) — savvy investing has to happen in layers. 

Layer 1: Figure out your digital offer. What course are you selling? Why are you the one your lead should buy from? (odds are if you’re reading this page you’ve already got this figured out) 

Layer 2: How are you going to generate qualified leads who’ll ideally BUY what you’re selling? How are you going to point those leads toward your digital product? Hint: you need a system. 

Layer 3: *Cue the confetti* Now’s the time to get all fancy because at this point, you’re making a profit. You can afford to invest in all the design, masterminds, and pro level business coaching the internet can throw at you. 

So, my question to you is....

Do you have layer 2 figured out? 

If not, if you’ve been struggling to consistently grow your email list and sell your digital product— then implementing a Facebook ads success system needs to come before all the other exciting stuff you’re dying to say yes to. 

Logic over sparkles will get you more sparkles down the line, promise. 

“Why spend time learning FB ads myself when I could just hire an ads manager?” 

Being a digital product creator means that you’re wearing many hats. But when you get to a certain level, you realize that when you focus on your zone of genius, growing a business feels so much easier and way more fun. Sounds pretty romantic, right?

Enter: the world of outsourcing the stuff you hate and only doing the things you love. YAY!!!!! 

Except that isn’t *actually* how it works… (Don’t shoot the messenger!) 

Okay, stay with me. Imagine you hire an ads manager without having a basic working knowledge of Facebook ads yourself. You’re trusting that person to get you great results, ROI, qualified leads, etc. 

Here’s a breakdown of the minimum investment you’ll need to make if you hire a Facebook ads manager 

Set-up fee: $1500+
Monthly retainer for your ads manager: $1500 - $10k+
Your actual ad spend: $1500/month minimum (most good ad managers won’t take clients who aren’t spending at least that)

Total: $3000+/month or more with no promise of ROI and no ability to understand whether or not your ads manager is doing a decent job. 

(with no guarantee that you’ll make anything back): 

I’m about to get all mama-style on you because this is SO important — YOU are responsible for making sure your team is performing at a high-level. 

Which means, before you hire a FB ads manager, you need to have a solid understanding of how Facebook ads work and what kind of results you can expect. 

I’m all about outsourcing, but only when it makes sense. Once you’ve figured out Facebook ads for yourself, and you’ve created enough capital to hire someone, go for it! Until then, save yourself $4k every month and learn how to use FB ads with a step-by-step proven system (one that includes strategies many ads managers don’t even know). 

You Can Achieve ALL of the Above By Using the Facebook Ads Method Simple Success System that I’m About to Share with You… 

You’ve heard it before: there’s never been a better time to run an online business. 

But not for the reasons you might assume… 

With over 3 billion people online and growing, you’ve got an endlessly abundant audience base. But the question most online business owners and digital product creators don’t think about until it’s too late is “how do I reach those people?”... The good news is, there’s a proven system that makes this kind of reach real simple. 

Hi, I’m Kerry Swetmon, systems geek, mom of 3 amazing boys, wife to Mr. Swetwold, ahem, Swetmon (but seriously, our fam is just like the Griswolds), milk chocolate and scary movie lover, and creator of The Facebook Ads Method – a step by step roadmap for growing your business with Facebook ads the easy way. 

I’ve been privileged to create and run ad campaigns for clients well into 7 figures with inspiring purpose-driven entrepreneurs like Jenna Kutcher, Kris Karr, Zach Spuckler, and many many more. 

There’s only one problem: I’m so busy getting stellar results for my 7-figures clients that I can’t physically take on any more new clients (there simply aren’t enough hours in the day).  

I know this is a good problem to have, right? And I should be happy, right? 

Right, except…I don’t like having to say no when someone comes to me looking for help. 

It feels so wrong because I KNOW that when online entrepreneurs start using Facebook ads the right way, they can finally create scalable profit. (and by they I mean YOU!)

Facebook ads can truly take your business to the next level of success. I know this because it’s happened. For me. For my clients. And for thousands of other business owners!

I’ve helped my clients make millions. 

I’ve regularly increased their ROI by over 1000%. 

I’ve helped them get 100k+ new leads within one month. 

(How awesome would .09 leads be?! I’ll show you how I did it.) 

(128,000+ opt-ins in ONE launch, yep it’s possible.)

($80,000+ from a $14k ad spend?! Once you’ve got the system down, this kind of ROI is more than doable) 

I’ve done all of the above using the exact same system I’m going to share with you. 

Bottom line: There’s NEVER been another opportunity like this for digital product creators like you. #thatsthetruth

I created the The Facebook Ads Method so that I would never have to turn another growth seeking online entrepreneur away ever again.


• There’s room for everyone at the success table, including you! 

• Facebook ads don’t need to be super complicated or time consuming when you have a proven system. 

• Every digital product creator needs a method for generating scalable, consistent, high-quality leads that turn into sales, and Facebook ads are the perfect solution. 


I’d love the opportunity to set things straight for you, and make everything about Facebook Advertising clear and EASY (without you having to hire an ads strategist for $4k+ a month). 


A self-paced step-by-step program that will teach you everything you need to know to use Facebook ads in your business like a 7-figure boss. 

Stack the deck in your favor and create a phenomenal Facebook ads system that gets YOU in front of your ideal clients, builds your list, drives traffic to your website, and promotes your digital products so you can make A LOT MORE SALES (cha-ching!) and save yourself a TON of time. 

By the time you complete The Facebook Ads Method, you'll have a proven Facebook ads strategy that you can implement right away to start seeing IMMEDIATE results without the fear of wasting time and money.

Best of all, since step by step is my thing, I’ve done all the heavy lifting for you. 

I’ve removed the chaos and confusion to make Facebook Advertising easy for you to understand AND to implement no matter your level of experience, tech skills, or niche. 

Raise a Glass to the Next Level of Your Business, My Friend!

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"LAUNCH UPDATE: Guys, we hit consistent show-up rate and purchase rate, and are at 67 brand new students! Kerry Swetmon is the HERMIONE GRANGER of ad wizardry!!"

“Kerry is the dopest FB ad manager in town, she knocks it outta the park every freakin’ time.”

"So great!!! I am so impressed by you, I love you Kerry. Thank you for ALL of your hard work. Truly. YOU ARE GOLD."

‘Kerry is a life saver. She came into my business and instantly laid out an organized, systemized plan to help me consistently create income streams. I am in awe of how easy this is for her.”

We're making exciting updates

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Why is Helping You Figure Out a Profitable Facebook Ads System So Close to My Heart?

Because, each day more than a billion people (a BILLION people!?!) rely on Facebook to help them connect with things they care about. And this is a HUGE opportunity for both digital product creators AND their audiences.  

Great marketing connects great products and services to great people in need of those products and services and thereby supports people who are passionate about providing those products and services.

The big problem though is that most people don’t know how to put all the pieces together – the targeting, the images, and the copy so that it WILL achieve these connections while maximizing ROI.  

Proven Strategy + Execution Know-How = Hockey Stick Growth

Using my proven system you can finally: 

Consistently get hundreds or thousands of people registered for your next webinar 

Feel like your business works for you instead of the other way around (hello more free time, I’ve missed you!) 

Build your list rapidly, automatically, EVERY SINGLE DAY, with qualified leads who want to pick up what you’re putting down and know exactly which ad strategies to use to convert those leads into paying customers

Feel confident in your business and stop having mid-day existential nightmares about what will happen if you have to go back to working for someone else (the horror!) 

Build a huge tribe of brand evangelists who will become your best customers (because they’ll be strategically targeted)

Finally have a scalable system in place for generating qualified leads and converting them into sales OR in human speak: reach more people, so you can help more people, so you can live your best life with purpose and ample profit




he Facebook Ads Method consists of FIVE multimedia training modules, plus a set of awesome bonuses, specifically curated to give modern entrepreneurs like YOU every advantage in the (face) book! ⇐ hah, get it? Sorry, couldn’t resist. 

The moment you register, you get INSTANT access to all five modules with step-by-step instructions that will show you EXACTLY what you need to do to dominate your market in a BIG way (even with a small budget).

Without further adieu, here’s what’s in store when you enroll: 

Every worthy endeavor starts with vision. This is where you’ll create yours. You’ll get access to the top strategies I’ve used to get my 7-figure clients huge ROI and I’ll show you how to apply those strategies to your own business. 

When it comes to Facebook ads, so many business owners are shooting in the dark, have you been there? Throwing ad spaghetti at the wall and hoping it sticks? 

Well, after this module, you’ll never experience that kind of frustration or confusion again. 

At the end of this module, you’ll be able to plan your campaigns with total confidence and create customized growth strategies that fit your very own digital product and business. 



- Architecting your overall strategy and understanding the pathway to achieving your big goals

This is where you’ll get crystal clear on what exactly you want to achieve with your Facebook ads. I’ll show you how to zoom out and see the future.

You’re going to need to approach FB ads with both the long and short game in mind and this is where you’ll chart your course. 

- The 5 essentials for successful ads that will allow you to dominate your market in a BIG way (even with a small budget)

Ever wonder how internet famous online entrepreneurs got to where they are? For many of them, the answer is Facebook ads. 

I’ll walk you through the 5 most important aspects of successful FB ads to make sure you’re in great shape to climb to the top of conversion mountain.

- The #1 thing you absolutely MUST know before you begin advertising with Facebook.
Oh yeah, you heard it here first — before you even think about opening the Ads Manager and setting up an ad, watch this. It’ll save you so much time, money, and frustration, which is what I’m all about! 


- How to create the best Facebook ads strategy for YOUR specific business and your brand
Whether you’re selling online courses or other digital products, this lesson will help you figure out a game plan that fits your unique business. 
- Everything you want and need to know about setting up your Facebook pixel.

I’ll walk you through the entire process using the Ads Manager, and give you a worksheet so you can get yours done STAT!

- How to turn your website traffic into warm leads (and then sales) with the power of pixels and custom audiences 

Warm leads are your new Facebook marketing BFF’s. They convert at a way lower cost than cold leads and because they’re already familiar with your brand, they typically turn into buyers faster too. 

Become a warm lead acquisition master with the 3 simple optimizations hacks I’ll share with you in this lesson. 

- Worksheets and exercises to put what you’ve learned into action ⇐ because ACTION is where the magic happens.

While most of the lessons are in video format, you’ll also get digital worksheets and some super fun homework so you can take what you’ve learned and put it into action. 

If you’ve ever tried setting up a Facebook ad before, you know that Facebook gives you a dizzying array of options when it comes to the tech piece… and it can get really freaking overwhelming if you’re not, um, a computer engineer.

Luckily, you don’t have to be a computer engineer… at least, not with this course! We’ll teach you every step.


Learn All the Tech Know-How You Need to Completely Rock Your Ads Strategy


- You’ll learn all things pixel.

We’ll show you what the pixel is, why it’s so important, how to set it up, AND how to text it… AKA, everything you need. 

- Wondering how to track through Meta? We’ll teach you.

You’ll learn how to navigate things like the latest iOS update, and we’ll show you how to track with the cAPI (it’s easier than it sounds) — which is an essential piece of ads success.

- Allll the examples!

You’ll get screenshare walkthroughs of setting up the pixel, adding it to your site, the cAPI, and all things tracking.

If you want to absolutely rock your ads strategy, you have to have, well… a strategy — and that’s where this module comes in. You’ll learn what to pay attention to, what to consider, and how to navigate your ads set-up, testing, and funnels in a way that actually leads to RESULTS.

MODULE 3: strategy

Get Strategic With Your Audience, Your Funnels, and Your Goals


You’ll get really, really clear on your audience.
Getting deeply involved in the details of your audience — from their behaviors to their demographics — is essential to your ad success. 

You’ll learn your audience feedback loop.
Testing your ads with your audience are a key piece of the ads puzzle — and that’s where your feedback loop comes in: AKA, gathering data and feedback so that you can loop it back into your content creation for fresh ads and results.

Allllll things funnels.
You can’t have a successful ad campaign without a tailored funnel — and I’ll show you why they’re so important, how to build your own, AND insight into successful funnels with tons of examples.

Set (and reach!) your goals.
I’ll teach you how to set business goals, create campaign objectives, and achieve them.


Learn the Art and Science Behind High-Converting Facebook Ads: Design, Copy, Testing, and More… 

It’s time to get creative *and* scientific! See, love it or hate it, the design and copy of your FB ads are essential to your success… and it’s KEY to testing your ads (which really makes them sing).

Because I’ve worked on thousands of campaigns with clients in all different industries, I know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to creative and testing…

…and I’m going to show you all the pieces of the puzzle.


You’ll understand the nitty-gritty behind your ads.
From the creative you include in different ads to getting a complete overview of the types of ads that exist, you’ll learn how to be an ads expert.

What’s in the anatomy of a FB ad?!
I’ll teach you every component of an ad so that you know EXACTLY what’s needed from ya (and exactly what isn’t) — and then I’ll show you how to test it.

We’ll get creative, baby!
By diving into my go-to secrets for writing incredible ad copy and choosing the right imagery/video for your ads, you’ll know exactly how to rock your ad creative — and you’ll be able to keep it consistent, too.

Allll the examples.
I love an example over here, which is why I’ll show you inspiration and examples from REAL campaigns and clients — plus, video walkthroughs of campaign set up! Heck yes, right?

MODULE 5: Analytics and reporting

Get Clear on Your Numbers (From the Data to the $$$)

Once you’ve learned all the deets on everything from your strategy to your creative, it’s time to run some ad campaigns… and that means it’s time to know exactly how your campaigns are performing, too!

After all, that’s how you succeed, and it all comes down to the KEY.

(What’s the key, you ask?)

The key = knowing your numbers, maximizing your results, and getting clear on your data.


Get clear on how to improve:
Sometimes, you’ll want to make some improvements in your ad campaigns as you go — and you’ll learn just how to do this with insider tips on reviewing and improving your funnels.

Know what to ACTUALLY look at:
There are about a zillion numbers in the Ads Manager to look at (eek!), but it’s easier to navigate than you might think — which is why I’ll make sure you know exactly what to look for, how to rearrange the columns, and how to view custom conversions and events.

Understand how to SCALE your campaigns:
As you grow your ads strategy, you can scale the heck out of your campaigns and find *true* success. Trust me, I’ll show ya (and I’ll teach you, too… of course).



The easiest, lightning-fast, step-by-step reference guide you’ll ever get your hands on for setting up your ads efficiently and effectively every single time.

Consider this your cheat sheet for any time you get stuck and find yourself unsure of the next step. This guide is the very same handy dandy tool I give my team members and I personally still reference it sometimes when setting up a new campaign. 

Because there’s nothing worse seeing your ad go by in the Facebook feed and noticing the link is wrong or there are grammatical errors. 

ads manager checklist & reference guide ($297 value)


Did you know before your ads are approved, FB will take a peek at your landing page too? Your opt-in pages are such an important piece of the conversion puzzle, so let’s make sure you nail ‘em. Learn what Facebook is looking for on your landing page AND what they won’t tolerate.

This bonus will teach you everything you need to know about creating the perfect opt-in and how to tweak your opt-in pages to get the highest possible conversion rates. 

We’ll also cover what do’s and don’ts Facebook will allow on your opt-in page so you never have to waste time rewriting a thing. 

FB Ads Guide to Opt-In Pages: How to Create a High-Converting Landing Page ($397 value) 



There’s a science and an art to setting the right budget in relation to your goals and your unique product. This handy guide will help you gain total clarity around your budget with every campaign. 

You FB Ads Budget Guide: How to Calculate Your Ad Budget Based on Your Goals ($197 Value)




"One of our biggest achievements while working with Kerry has been running two very successful campaigns for our Crazy Sexy You, 21-Day Total Wellness Program. We’ve been able to grow and engage our list with outstanding ROI!"


You captured me so well! I never thought I was photogenic. Thanks for making me look fabulous!

When You Enroll During this Limited Time Period, You’ll Get… 

Lifetime Access to the 5-Part Facebook Ads Method ($1497 Value) 

+ 4 Amazing Bonuses

Confidently create a big picture strategy and Facebook ad campaign unique to your digital product and designed to help you reach your big goals. Never find yourself wondering how you’ll find new leads and drive sales in your biz again. Once you’ve got this system in place, you’ll be over the moon excited. Ever had that feeling that “this is just the beginning?!” ⇐ well, you’re about to. 

Confidently create a big picture strategy and Facebook ad campaign unique to your digital product and designed to help you reach your big goals. Never find yourself wondering how you’ll find new leads and drive sales in your biz again. Once you’ve got this system in place, you’ll be over the moon excited. Ever had that feeling that “this is just the beginning?!” ⇐ well, you’re about to. 

Overcome the tech hurdles that have kept you paralyzed in the past and fearlessly conquer the Ads Manager like a total boss. You’ll feel like a true CEO when you’re able to log in to your Ads Manager every day and see the metrics that matter to your bottom line. Set up and track your campaign success with total ease and never succumb to tech overwhelm again. 

Learn the insider secrets to high-converting ads and opt-in pages without spending months or years trying to figure it out on your own. You’ll get the high-level strategies that I use to increase conversions for my 7-figure clients on all the creative and logistical aspects of your ads and landing pages. 


All together, you’re getting a complete Facebook Ad Success SYSTEM valued at over $3,000… 

But join TODAY and you can access all of this goodness for just… 

Increase your digital product sales like crazy and with confidence, because you’re backed by… 

I’m so excited for you to transform your online business using Facebook ads and I want you to be able to say yes to your own success without worry. 

Try the Facebook Ads Method for 14 Days
— work through the course curriculum, show me that you've implemented the strategy, and if you aren't happy with the results, just email within 14 days of purchase and you’ll receive your money back. 
There’s nothing to lose, and a whole lot of extra profit, time, and freedom to gain. 

14-Day Money back Guarantee

Questions Other Fab Online Entrepreneurs Asked Before Making the Decision to Invest In Their Long-term Facebook Fueled Success… 

As a business owner, mom of 3 boys, and weekend house flipper aficionado, I feel you. Busyness runs bone deep for so many inspired and driven entrepreneurs like you and I. But there’s a major difference between BUSY and PRODUCTIVE.  

If busy has yet to get you to where you want to be, it’s time to rethink where your time is being spent. 

If you’re busy running on the hamster wheel just trying to make ends meet, it’s time to take action and get busy creating a sustainable business growth system that you can actually step away from. 

Because as busy as I am and as busy as my clients are, we’re still able to take time away from business, go on month-long sabbaticals without worrying, and otherwise enjoy other aspects of life aside from biz. 

If you’re willing to put in the work up front, I promise that in the long run, having a Facebook ads system working for you will be like hiring an extra team member. 

It’ll free up your time. It’ll offer you greater financial freedom. And most importantly, it’ll help you to make sure that being busy is your own choice, and not an essential ingredient in your business growth strategy. 

(That said, this course is “fluff free” so working through the content really won’t take very long) .

The right time to start using Facebook ads is once you’ve validated your offer. If you know that people want to buy what you’re selling but you’re not sure how to reach those people, then FB ads are a great solution. 

Even at a few dollars a day you can see results in a very short amount of time. And if you’re the least tech savvy person on the planet, you’ve come to the right place because I’m leaving no stone unturned in the step-by-step tutorial videos included in the course. 

If you don’t have an offer in place that you’ve already tested and validated, you can still use Facebook ads to grow your email list and get intel from your audience about what kind of offer they would invest in. 

Psst… there’s never really a “right time” for anything, is there? I’m betting if you’re still reading this— there’s never been a better time to grow your business using Facebook ads. 

It’s no secret there are a lot of different Facebook ads courses out there. I’ve even taken some of them! 

Here’s the problem with most FB ads courses: 

The content is super basic and not designed to take you from Inexperienced to Expert.  

The content is old and Facebook changes fast — you can’t trust information and strategies from even a few years ago. 

Most courses don’t give you an entire success system, they just give you bits and pieces of it and then try to get you to buy the next thing. 

A lot of the people teaching Facebook ads aren’t all that experienced. Many have never even run ads for anyone aside from themselves. 

I’ve done my due diligence and created a curriculum that covers all the bases and gives you a clear course of action from start to finish. 

After managing millions in ad spend and working in the Ads Manager day in and day out for the last 7+ years, I can tell you with confidence that I have the inside track to helping you create massive ROI in the simplest, most straightforward way possible. 

A few days after launching your lead generation ads, you should start to see a nice healthy influx of new leads. Compound that by a month and your email list will look like an entirely different specimen. 

When you’ve got your retargeting and offer ads all set up, your bank account will start to transform too. In as little time as 30 days, you could double your email list, sell out your program, fill your webinar, and drive heaps more traffic to your site. 

The rate of your results depends on how quickly you can implement and test alongside how big or small your budget it. But don’t be surprised if you start seeing results within one month. And don’t be surprised if those results continue to rise with each month after that… 

Of course, when you enroll today you’ll get instant lifetime access to the 5-Part Facebook Ads Success System ($1297 Value) including: 


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FB Ads Guide to Opt-In Pages: How to Create a High-Converting Landing Page $397 Value
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You FB Ads Budget Guide: How to Calculate Your Ad Budget Based on Your Goals $197 Value

All backed by the Facebook Confidence Guarantee so that you can invest in your business growth future fear free. 

Still Not Totally Confident You’re the Perfect Fit for the Facebook Ad Method?  


You’re a digital creator — whether you’re selling services, digital courses, a membership, products, retreats or live events, you depend on the internet to help you reach your ideal clients and customers. And your stuff is awesome! When people do invest they’re so happy with what you offer. You just need more of that to really get to the next level (and you know that more is totally possible.)

5 Ways to Know You’re Ready to Create a Facebook Ads System In Your Business 

You’ve worked your buns off to get to where you are now. You’ve learned so much. You’ve spent countless hours researching, creating, and pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone. You didn’t get this far to give up or stay stuck on the revenue rollercoaster. You’re not about to let a little growing pain stop you from finding and implementing a solution to your lead gen and sales struggles. No way. You’re in it, to win it. 

You understand the principle of ROE (Return On Effort) and you’re more than willing to do the work up front in order to reap the benefits long term. After all, you’re in this for the long haul. You’re building an empire made of bricks, not straw, and you know that having a system consistently generating leads and sales on autopilot is a big part of that process. 

You’re hungry for more time and less hustle. You love what you do but you also love not burning out! But as it is right now, if you walk away or need a break, your entire operation verges on collapse. You don’t have a system working like an employee for you 24/7 and it’s costing your sanity. 

You’re ready to find out what else is possible. Heck, you might even be doing pretty well for yourself, but you know there’s more available to you. You’ve heard stories about online businesses that crush it every day using FB ads and get crazy ROI and you want in on a piece of that delicious pie. 






If you nodded your head to at least 3 of the 5 criteria then I’m confident you’ll be able to get champagne and caviar worthy results with the Facebook Ads Method. 

By now you know there is a way to create predictable and scalable growth in your business — without spending more hours hustling harder… 

The answer: 

A Facebook Ads Method that generates consistent leads and sales while you focus on your zone of genius or do what they do in fairy tales

(Psst… What happens after the happy ending? Please report back!)

Even though all my personal development training has taught me to detach from the outcome, and that it’s not about me…I WANT THIS FOR YOU! I can’t help it.
I want you to see how this works and I want you to experience the level of growth and success you desire.
And that means getting your brilliance into the hearts and minds of MORE people — which will generate more sales and let you invest even more in your business to help more people. It’s one GIANT mission-driven snowball.

And that’s what this training is all about...

A complete step-by-step guide to Facebook advertising, delivered in video format, with useful worksheets, actionable, proven strategies, tons of hands on examples and bonuses galore...
Yes you could wait for the “perfect time” prince charming to come in and sweep your biz off it’s feet. 

Yes you could try and figure this stuff out on your own, spending date nights with Google, and testing and troubleshooting until your laptop gives out. 

Yes you could pretend that learning Facebook ads is non-essential and you’ve got better things to do. 


You could recognize the amazing opportunity that’s right in front of you. 

There’s never been a better time to learn how to use Facebook ads to grow your online business. 

If you’ve set your sights on creating a purposeful and profitable online business. One that fits your lifestyle and that allows you to take a vacay every now and again, then you need the Facebook Ads Method in your life. 

So, which will you choose?
My fingers are crossed that you’ll choose yourself, your business, and your brilliant future. 

Join the Facebook Ads Method TODAY and start your journey to sustainable business growth using Facebook ads. 


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